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About Mike Peruse and His Orlando Bartending Classes

Orlando Bartending School with a 2 day bartending course

If you want "just another bartending class," you can find lots of them all over the Internet. But, if you want to learn from professional who has worked in some of the best bars, and trained thousands of students across the country, then you want to be a bartender with us.

A Boston native, Mike Peruse has been involved in bartending for more than two decades. His own career began working behind the bar at the Marriott Hotel, where he was later promoted to bar manager. From there, he found an interest in teaching, and opened successful bartending schools in Boston, Tewksbury, and Worcester, Massachusetts. He then expanded his courses to Vermont and Orlando, and continues to travel around the country teaching bartending skills today. Mike was also one of the first to offer bartending classes through a website (www.bartendingschool.com).

What really sets Mike part of from other bartending trainers isn't just his experience, however – it's his focus on what actually works with customers in real bar and restaurant settings. He doesn't like to endlessly drill his students on drink recipes (they can memorize drinks appropriate to their own jobs in restaurants on their own time), preferring to show them what they need to know to work in any kind of bar, keep customers happy, and earn cash tips.

All of Mike's classes are backed by the Professional Bartending Schools of America, the most well-known and trusted bartending academy, with dozens of locations in selected cities throughout the US. In addition to providing instruction, PBSA offers job placement assistance to every graduate. You can find details and more information by visiting www.bartendingschool.com.

If you want to sit in a classroom and read from drink recipe flashcards, then any Orlando bartending school will do. If you want real advice on becoming a bartender, an insider's perspective on what it takes to get a job and earn cash tips, and to have fun while prepared for your career, call us now at 1-800-COCKTAIL or click the "enroll now" button to sign up for an upcoming class today!